Clan of Zombies and DemonsEdit

Come in.......if you want to be burned. The tunnel leading to their cavern is covered with skulls and demon fire. The skeletons look like they are watching you and the fire seems to be alive. Inside the cavern, there is a graveyard. Graves are dug up and it looks like the zombies sleep in them. The are giant fires burning with demons faces glaring at you. The demons sleep inside the fire and are known to be emotional when woken. Be careful as you walk through or the green mist will catch you..........................and you may never be returned.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit




  • Zombies have slight control over the dead (can talk to other dead creatures)
  • Zombies can control green mist which paralyzes all who breathe it
  • Zombies have super strentgh to dig through their grave-beds
  • Demons can control the demon-fire
  • Demons can take souls (LEADER ONLY)
  • Demons can tag souls for Hell
  • Demons can fire-walk (teleport when in fire)
  • Demons are resistant to fire
  • Demons can change their pyshical age as they are immortal (LEADER ONLY)


  • Zombies get killed by anything holy or blessed
  • Zombies can bot have contact with angels
  • Zombies can be killed by spring-water
  • Demons can be killed by water
  • Demons can be killed by the contact from an angel like zombies
  • Demons can only answer to The Devil