The Hunters are normal humans with better senses that hunt Werewolfs,werecats and werebats. They have better speed, strength and weapons to kill the Were's.

Were Hunter's ClanEdit

Come in...if you wanna die.Only the hunters can come here.It is ful of maps,books about were's and weapons.A long tunnel,up some stairs and through a small door.If a Were comes here,they can never come out,and will be killed.The walls are made of silver anyway,so they would die. The floors are also made of silver and washed with holy water.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Members of the ClanEdit



  • Like other hunter clan members,they have large strength and stamina
  • They can not be turned into the creature they hunt
  • Can sense when a Were is near
  • Can make weapons which kill Weres with skill


  • As they are normal Humans,with inhanced strength and stamina,they can be killed like any Human
  • If they are harmed in anyway by a Were(even a small cut)they will die.
  • The only way to be healed is by a witch or wizard who are not allies with hunters