Clan of Vampires and EmpousaEdit

If you enter, you may not return............... The Clan of Vampires and Empousa is led by a tunnel covered in blood that only they can touch. Inside there is a large cavern. There are blood-red beds along the wall and on the other side of the room is tables covered wit wine-glasses. On the wall behind teh glasses, are big barrels full of a red liquid. The liquid seems to be restocked every third day. There are pictures of blood and a dark violin is playing from one side of the room. The Empousa stick to one side because of the fire whil the Vampires stick to the other side.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit




  • All vampires have super-strong senses
  • All empousa have super strong senses
  • All vampire are super fast and super strong
  • All Empousa are not burnt by fire


  • Vampires can not eat garlic
  • Vampires can not go in sunlight
  • Vampires can be killed by fire
  • Empousa can not go in sunlight
  • Empousa can be killed by werewolves bite
  • Empousa are slow because of hoof
  • Both can be staked and die (only if it is through the heart)