Clan of the Were'sEdit

Full moon is a very dangerous time............. The Were's clan is made through a tunnel in the ground. Only Weres can get through because there is holy water sprinkled over entrance. There is also garlic sitting around entrance. The cavern is large and there are hollows in the roof for Were-Bats. There are dens in the walls for Were-Wolves and there are beds for Were-Cats. On the wall are designs of the moon at different phases.

Clan LeaderEdit

Lex Lane, Were Cat

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Max Lane, Were Cat

Members of ClanEdit



  • Weres can change on the full moon
  • Some weres can change their form anytime as they get older
  • Get some attributes from their animal
  • Super healing
  • Super stamina and agility


  • Die from silver
  • lose mind on full-moon
  • get needs from animal like raw meat for wolves