This clan kills Nymphs and Elves,and each member has a nymoh they are best at killing at.

Nymph and Elves Hunter ClanEdit

No Elf nor Nymph dares go near. There is odd stories about the Forbidden Grove of Elves and Nymphs. Stories about Hunters and how they wait to pounce if you go in. About how odd dissapearences happen in that area. All elder Elves and Nymphs stay away but occasionaly a young one will go near and thats when they are never to be seen again.

The Nymphs and Elves Hunters Clan is situated in a giant tree-house in a oak. The oak is hidden by different trees and ferns and cannot be seen. It is just outside a grove that is cleared and has a pond in it to lure Elves and Nymphs in. When they do come in, the Hunter lookout will send the signal and the rest of the Hunters try to get the kill. They think of it as a game, revenge or something that only they understand. Do you want to come in?





Weapons and PoisonsEdit



  • Can not become a nymph or elf
  • Has more stamina and Logic
  • Can sense Nymphs and Elves


  • Can die like a normal Human
  • Any harm by a Nymph or Elf kills them