At the start of time, Merpeople made a truce with Shape-Shifters. They now live together happily. The tunnel leading to the cavern is full of water. The Shape-Shifters always shift into Merpeople to get there. The whole cavern is full of water and there are various sea-creatures in the cavern. There are mystical dolphins and normal star-fish. It is the most calm cavern besides the tritons across the wall.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit




  • Merpeople can control water
  • Merpeople can speak to all marine animals
  • Merpeople have long tails
  • Merpeople can control marine animals
  • Shapeshifters can turn into any creature or human but not animal
  • Shape-shifters can turn into unanimated objects for short periods of time (5 minutes)
  • Shapeshifters can mimic voices of creature they shifted into
  • Shapeshifters can use powers of creature they shifted into (LEADER ONLY)


  • Merpeople cannot be out of water for long time or they die
  • They cannot touch animals from land or air unless they are related to the sea
  • Shape-shifters get killed by silver
  • Shape-shifters cannot stay in one shape for too long or they are stuck in that form forever