Come in at your own risk....................... The Clan of Ghosts,Ghouls and Spirits is protected by higher powers. It is led into by a tunnel then a large cavern. The cavern has has great golden designs all up the sides which seem to show all the lives of animals and creatures and humans alike. There was a soft tune floating through the cavern and there were items hanging from walls. Cards and balls and many more things. The items were for when they used their telkinic powers and played games. All the items seemed to be made out of rich gold. The gold was blessed by higher powers who thought the ghosts,ghouls and spirits were worthy enough for a second life.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit

Members of ClanEdit



  • All can move anything with their minds
  • Ghosts can haunt and make illusions
  • Ghouls can poison any creature, human or hunter with their touch but only if they really want to.
  • Spirits control minds by inhabiting humans (only for short period)
  • All feel emotions
  • All infuse items with healing touch
  • All spirit-walk (disapear and apear somewhere else.)
  • Can feel and control emotions (LEADER AND CO-LEADER ONLY)
  • can mind control and inhabit any creature for any amount of time (LEADER ONLY)


  • Can be killed with holy water
  • cannot touch anything physically