Come in, if you dare.............. The entrance to the Cavern is blocked by poison vines. They have thorns on the side. Only satyrs and centaurs can get passed with a prick of their blood. Inside the cavern, grass is covering the floor. There is ponds and birds. It is very peaceful and never very loud. There is often baby animals running through and birds landing on satyrs and centaurs arms. There are target practices across the wall for centaurs and a reed-pipe bag at one of the ponds.

Clan LeaderEdit

Clan Co-LeaderEdit




  • centaurs have expert aim with the bow and arrow
  • centaurs can talk to horses
  • centaurs have large stamina and strength
  • centaurs are good metal workers and make the weapons
  • satyrs have better senses then most
  • can blend in easily
  • can play reed-pipes and control plants
  • can talk to any land animal


  • centaurs can be killed by anything that can kill human
  • centaurs can be killed by anything that kill horses
  • satyrs can be killed by anything that kills humans
  • satyrs can be killed by anthing that kills goats